Table of Contents

  1. The Secret of the Automaton
  2. Self-driving Cars and the DARPA Grand Challenge
  3. Keeping within the Lanes: Perception in a self-driving Car
  4. Yielding at Intersections: the Brain of a Self-driving Car
  5. Netflix and the Recommendation-engine Challenge
  6. Ensembles of Teams: the Netflix Prize Winners
  7. Teaching Computers by Giving them Treats
  8. How to Beat Atari Games by Using Neural Networks
  9. Artificial Neural Networks’ View of the World
  10. Looking Under the Hood of Deep Neural Networks
  11. Neural Networks that can Hear, Speak, and Remember
  12. Understanding Natural Language (and Jeopardy! Questions)
  13. Mining the best Jeopardy Answer
  14. Brute-force Search your way to a Good Strategy
  15. Expert-level Play for the Game of Go
  16. Real-time AI and StarCraft
  17. Five Decades (or more) from Now